Espartanos Africa

Empower and transform lives in prisons and society in Africa

Our Values


Our Pillars

Rugby Coaching: to instill the rugby ethos of solidarity, respect and loyalty
Spirituality: to share, to seek and to encourage forgiveness
Education: to complete primary and secondary school studies and to engage in the process of personal growth
Work Ethic: to create job opportunities for effective reintegration and participation in society

Our Objectives

Reduce crime and criminal recidivism in Africa

President – Zaynah Khanbhai
Director Rugby – Paul Odera
Director Spirituality – Brother Linus Schoutsen
Communications Coordinator – Paul Murunga
Logo Design – Maureen Wavinya Mukula, Chief Inspector of Prisons

Justo Casal
Zaynah Khanbhai
Gavin Bell

Paul Odera
Brother Linus Schoustsen
Pablo Glöggler

Eduardo Oderigo
Santiago Cerruti


The Volunteer who says YES to the Espartanos Africa project is expected to attend an orientation, sign a commitment form and fulfil the expectations of the assigned roles with diligence and humility.
Volunteers serving in their capacity as Coaches and Trainers are required to comply with World Rugby standards


  • "When you are in prison all you have is hope. When you come from the outside to be with us we know we have brothers and sisters."

    Henry Omondi Otiendo, Player
  • "The joy on the faces of the players as we passed around the ball was priceless. What this program is doing is absolutely brilliant. My biggest takeaway is that inmates are people too who have dreams and aspirations that may never be fulfilled. Rugby brings them joy."

    Francis Theuri Ndonga, Volunteer
  • "Through Espartanos Africa we have a responsibility towards peace on the continent. Transforming a life in the prison system has the power to break the cycle of criminal activity that passes down generations. Volunteering transforms judgement into compassion in every aspect of our life."

    Zaynah Khanbhai, President, Espartanos Africa


Our partners, aligned with the vision, values and objectives of Espartanos Africa, support the growth and expansion of the program across the continent.


Partners provide a service for free over time either towards the growth of a project of Espartanos Africa or towards the growth of one of the four pillars of Espartanos Africa or towards a requirement of the overall program.


Sponsors fund or cover the costs for a requirement of a particular project of Espartanos Africa, or for one of the four pillars of Espartanos Africa, or for a requirement of the overall program.


Donors give money or goods to Espartanos Africa that are directed towards a particular project of Espartanos Africa, or towards one of the four pillars of Espartanos Africa, or towards a requirement of the overall program.

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